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Welcome and Namaste!

Welcome to my site and my counseling service.  Namaste is a Sanskrit term that is used as a greeting and simply means "I bow to you."  Some people, particularly in the West, have elevated the saying to a more spiritual level to mean something along the lines of "the divine (or soul) in me recognizes the divine in you."

For me it is a greeting that I give to you with respect and compassion.  I welcome you to my practice and hope that if you choose to work with me you will find a path to peace and joy.  I look forward to our journey together.


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Apps for Meditation and Relaxation

Below is a list of apps that may be useful in developing a mindfulness practice and to alleviate stress and anxiety.

  • Simply Being - Simply Being is a guided meditation app created by Meditation Oasis.  Options include adjusting the length, volume and background sounds for the meditation.  There are other meditation apps available on their webpage.

  •  Meditation Rx - This is another meditation app from Meditation Oasis.  It is being offered for free at this time to support people during the pandemic.

  • Oak - Oak is a guided meditation app that includes breathing exercises and relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep.  The basic app is free, but includes in-app purchases for more content.

  • Headspace - Headspace is a meditation app with a large library of guided meditations, mindfulness information, sleep and exercise routines.  The app is free, but a subscription is required for full access.

[NOTE: I do not make any specific claims regarding the effectiveness of these apps. Be aware that some of the apps may cost money to download or have in-app purchases. I do not own any of these apps, nor do I receive any financial incentive for recommending them.]

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